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The Business Intelligence Project

Business Intelligence (BI) customizes Data and Business Analytics and combines it with Data tools and visualizations for analysing data and presenting meaningful information that helps modern-day businesses and organisations to make informed and data-driven decisions


Sometime back we started with our Voyage-à-Machine-Learning series to provide an opportunity for everyone to know all about Machine Learning and its applications. It culminated with a small challenge involving the use of various techniques covered in the series.


Ever heard things like “number of astronauts dying in space is directly correlated with no. of people not wearing a seatbelt in cars” or “no. of students against DU conducting online exams is directly correlated with no. of people using Netflix”, you may find these things funny and hilarious but there exists a statistical concept related with it. It is known as Spurious Correlation, let’s find out what interesting things this concept has for us in the box.

How a Blog is Made?

Blogging is something that has become quite common in these days. Still each blogger has something different in his creation. This is where we stand out from the crowd. Our theoretical concepts with their practical appreciation and relatable examples have worked quite well for us by now. How we do it? Ans. You have to learn rocket science first. Not really. Just 3 steps:-


Thorough research


More research


Multiple reviews

Why Analytics Bay?

Data Analysis has been gaining immense traction lately with an ever-increasing potential to grow and transform the Business world. Despite of a soaring need of T-shaped employees with well-honed broad skills, existing and emerging workers don’t have the full analytical competencies that the employers need. We at Nucleus aim to grow and adapt to the dynamic skills landscape and create a synergy effect by exploring data science to further enhance our problem-solving capabilities. Our blog is an initiative to further our moto to bridge the gap between technology and business by expanding our community with our readers.